Warner Home Video
Release date: September 21, 2010
MSRP: DVD $39.98, Blu-ray $49.99

I had been reading the character of Christopher Chance for years in DC Comics. It was revamped a while back and became more adult, a bit more violent but also more introspective. A great idea that continues to be good. It also seems like a natural for the screen.

Seeing Mark Valley as Chance is a real treat. I loved Valley in Keen Eddie, Fringe, Boston Legal, even Days of Our Lives. Finally a show that looks like it might have legs has him as the lead. In Human Target the
TV version Chance doesn’t become the target by disguise, he refocuses attention to him. He is the guy you go to when the police can’t help you. He has a couple of folks who help him out, an ex cop Winston,
played by Chi McBride and person whose walks a thin line between right and wrong, a hacker and ultra resourceful character (Guerrero) played by Jackie Earle Haley. These three obviously have history and as the show goes on we start getting glimpses into the past. The finale has the backstory laid out and features a great cameo by Lee Majors.Action, good plotting and wonderful actors have made this a must see
show for us.

Jon Jordan