LAW AND ORDER Criminal Intent 7th Year – DVD Review

Shout! Factory
June 26th, 2012

I am a big fan of the Law and Order franchise. I love the original, especially anything with Jerry Orbach. The LA version was good, the brief run of Trial By Jury was good. I don’t care too much for Law and Order SVU because I find the lead actor and actress overbearing. But my favorite of all the Dick Wolf show is Law and Order Criminal Intent. Season Seven was a real winner for me. Alternating episodes between detectives worked well I thought and I love Chris Noth as Mike Logan hot head detective. Of course the original team of Eames and Goren by this point mesh so well they seem like they’ve been at it forever. I think Vincent D’Onofrio is so good at playing a character who thinks just a bit different than the average detective is so compelling I never tire of it.

Some of the highlights this season was Contract, an episode that starts out with a bomb killing a gossip writer and leads through some fun Hollywood style back story. I also really enjoyed Ten Count with a murdered boxer leading to some classic screwed up family and friends all intertwined and making for a very compelling tale. In Last Rites Logan once again puts his career on the line when a priest comes to him with some information based on a death bed confession he can’t reveal. It could lead to a assistant DA running for office getting in trouble and if not done right really finish Logan as a cop. The season ends with Nicole Wallace making an return to taunt Goran, this time by murdering his brother. A tense episode that is just brilliant.

I could watch this show for ever and really enjoy re-watching the show. Season Seven was one of the strongest seasons they did and this DVD collection is a must own for fans.