Warner Home Video
Release date: June 7, 2011
MSRP: DVD $21.98, DVD collector’s edition $39.98, Blu-ray collector’s edition $44.98

Most AC/DC fans today are likely only familiar with Brian Johnson’s coarse war cry. The Austrailian band iconic Back In Black took the band from big to HUGE and Johnson made his debut on it.

But prior to that, the late Bon Scott was the voice behind such hits as Highway to Hell, Whole Lotta Rosie and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Scott was a charismatic frontman with sex appeal (Ever think you would hear that term used with AC/DC) that, along with the Young brothers, was a creative force in the band.

But Scott died in 1980 in a tale that is a sadly common one for the era. After some very heavy partying (drinking), he was left in a car to sleep it off, and never woke up.

This release features the last recorded footage of Bon Scott. And he is at his best here, overflowing with energy and attitude. Angus, Malcom and the boys are also in fine form, tearhing through 17 songs without ever really letting up.

Folks used to the massive stage shows of today may find this wanting, there are no massive lasers and giant television screens. What we do get is a great band in front of an adoring crowd. And that is just fine for me.

Both the video and sound are quite good here, especially when you take into account the age of the footage. Care has been taken to bring it to the standards of 2011, without making it look or sound overly polished.

LET THERE BE ROCK presents the Bon fronted band at it’s best. We treated to killer performances as well as some interview footage. As somebody that was only vaguely aware of AC/DC at the time (I was only 10 when Bon died), this was a fantastic experience. I can’t imagine any AC/DC fan (or rock fan, for that matter) not finding this worth owning.

Jeremy Lynch