DVD Review: LIFE ON MARS (U.K.): The Complete collection

Acorn Media
Release date: July 6th, 2010
MSRP: $79.99

There are many good television shows out there. There are a number of excellent ones. But there are precious few that are truly magical. Ones with top notch acting, great chemistry and world-class writing. Life on Mars is one such show.

We have reviewed seasons (excuse me, Series) one and two here in the past. so if you have followed our advice and acquired them, there really is not much else to say other than Good Work! But for those that still have not opened their wallets, you have another chance. LIFE ON MARS: The Complete U.K. edition is waiting for you.

Sam is a lead investigator in modern day England. After being hit by a car, he awakes to find himself in London…in the early 70s. Is he dead? Mad? In a coma? Or has he actually traveled back in time?

These are the questions Sam asks himself as he takes his place in on a squad led by Gene Hunt. Hunt is a foul-mouthed, boozing, slightly bent cop that has little patience for those that oppose him. Yet as the series goes on, Sam and Hunt come to respect one another and appreciate what the other has to offer.

LOM does an excellent job of mixing crime storylines with Sam’s struggles to figure out what has really happened and how he can get back to his own life in modern day. SS and FSDF are incredible here. The character of Gene Hunt initially seems like an embodiment of damn near every cop cliche from that era, but good writing and great acting keeps him from being a cartoon and quickly establishes him as, IMO, the main reason to watch LOM.

Do yourself a favor, pick up a copy today and get ready for one of the most engaging cop shows in the history of television. Just be sure to get the U.K. show and not the short-lived U.S. Remake.

Order LIFE ON MARS (U.K.) The Complete Collection.

Jeremy Lynch