Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
MSRP: $19.99
DVD release date: August 11, 2009
Running time: 88 minutes
Rated: R
Stars: Jay Mohr, Katt Williams, Lindsay Price, Robert Patrick, Joe Mantegna, Mike Starr
Written and directed by Peter Ettinger

New Mexico P.I. Bubba Mabry (Mohr) is hired to provide security for the charismatic “Mr. Aaron”, who bears a striking resemblance to Elvis Presley had The King survived all these years. Concerned for his privacy, Mr. Aaron puts Bubba on the trail of tabloid reporter Hank Tankersley, but when Tankersley is shot to death, Bubba must uncover what Tankersley was planning and clear his own name in Tankersley’s murder.

Though Jay Mohr doesn’t exactly match my mental picture of Bubba from the book by Steve Brewer, he does a good-enough impression. With the aid of some prosthetics, Robert Patrick is absolutely convincing as 70-year-old Elvis on a health kick. Writer-director Peter Ettinger paces Bubba’s investigation perfectly, showing his sorting through all the suspects in quick, well-placed flashbacks.

Finally, this independent film stands out for its sheer star power. Kudos to everyone who saw potential in Brewer and Ettinger’s work. I recommend Lonely Street to Brewer fans, fans of mystery and comedy.

The DVD includes featurettes on the making of Lonely Street, Robert Patrick’s transformation into “Mr. Aaron,” two galleries of production stills set to original songs by Elvis impersonator James Brown, and a music video.

–Gerald So