DVD Review: Lovejoy Season one.

LOVEJOY: Complete Season One
Warner Home Video

If you are not familiar with Lovejoy, prepare to meet the most endearing rouge ever. Based on the character from the novels of Jonathon Gash, Lovejoy (no first name known) is an antiques Divie. A Divie is one that has a special sense in regards to the legitimacy of antiques.

Lovejoy, along with his pal Tinker and their somewhat clueless apprentice Eric, manages to do just enough business to survive. It helps that he lives in a cottage on the estate of Lady Jane (whose chemistry with Lovejoy is quite electric), whom he often draws into his misadventures. While Lovejoy is indeed a scruffy disreputable fellow, he has a soft spot for damsels in distress and thus frequently gets himself in over his head while trying to help out.

For extras, we get interviews with Gash, as well as with McShane (Lovejoy) and “co-star” Gwen Humble (who appears in the two-part finale of the season one and just one other episode in the entire series).

Ian McShane is known to many as the foul-mouthed saloon owner Al Swearengen in Deadwood, but he will always be Lovejoy to me.

Do yourself a favor, pick up season one and give Lovejoy a chance. You will be rewarded with hours of fun.


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