DVD Review: Magnum P.I. season seven.

Season seven of Magnum P.I. was actually supposed to be the final season. Apparently money spoke and so they returned for a shortened eighth season.

By this point, the show was a bit long in the tooth, but this season features some outstanding episodes. Laura features Frank Sinatra (in his last major acting role) as a retired NY cop trying track down his granddaughter’s killers. A very powerful episode that is a must see. Sinatra was supposed to make a return appearance, but scheduling conflicts prevented it from ever happening.

Slightly less powerful is the Murder, She Wrote crossover. It is here and seeing it again makes me very sad. But MSW was doing well and CBS liked doing crossovers so it happened. There were plans to have a Magnum/Equalizer crossover but the plans fell through.

The final episode is something to be treasured. Had the series ended here, I think it would be one of the greatest series finales of all time.

As I said, some of this is less than top notch, but Laura and the season finale make this a must own for Magnum fans.

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Jeremy Lynch
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