DVD Review: MATLOCK: Season Three

CBS/Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date: July 7th, 2009
MSRP: $49.99

Stars: Andy Griffith, Kene Holliday,

Get our your Metamucil and crack open a can of Boost, Andy Griffith is back in business. Matlock Season 3 is now available on DVD, so nursing homes across the country have extra rocking chairs pulled up around their television sets. It’s no surprise to anyone that I am very likely the biggest fan of Matlock under the age of 60. And season 3 is a very good, entirely wholesome, year for the show. Nancy Stafford titilates elder audiences with her bouffant hair style and shoulder pads, while Don Knotts begins his stint as a semi-regular.

All 20 episodes are spread amongst 5 discs and look pretty decent, but there is a serious lack of bonus material. There’s not even a featurette to celebrate Knotts joining the cast. Any Andy Griffith Show reunion, no matter how small, deserves some sort of mention. However, it’s the show we are really after, and thankfully we get that, uncut and commercial free. Now if only Paramount would haul in Andy Griffith for a commentary, this fan would be pleased. He’s not getting any younger, so now’s the time before it’s too late.

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Bradley Hayward
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