DVD review: Miami Vice Seasons Three and Four

MIAMI VICE Season 3 and 4

Most people reading Crimespree have heard of Miami Vice, and most likely watched it. I find the show completely entertaining. And while parts of it are rooted deep in the eighties, I think a good deal of the show still holds up well. Because what really makes the show work was the attitudes. By season three and four all the actors were comfortable in their roles, and I have to say, LT. Castillo is still one of the coolest cops ever. The show was also getting great ratings, which meant that they continued to get great music and amazing guest stars. James Brown, Chris Rock, Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, Willie Nelson Benico Del Toro were all on Miami Vice. Plus many actors who went on to become stars later.

Season three was a particular favorite of mine because I love the episode Michael Mann used as a practice run for Manhunter having Sonny get in the head of a serial killer. It also has the episode El Viejo with Willie Nelson as a retired Texas Ranger out to avenge the son of his partner. Season three also saw one of the cast killed off, pretty innovative ate the time.
While this may not be as powerful as West Wing, or as intense as The Shield or The Wire, it is damn good entertainment, and it is still entertaining 20 years later.