DVD Review: MISFITS Box Set

One evening about 6 or 7 weeks ago our friend Jill Thompson mentioned she was enjoying watching a TV show called Misfits that was recommended to her by Tony Atkins. I trust Jill’s opinion  on a lot of things so I asked about it. Long story short, a few weeks later our buddy Andrew Grant sent me the box set having picked it up in the UK for me.

Having read just enough to know I would dig it Ruth and I sat down for some fun viewing. We watched the 969 minutes worth of episodes in two nights.

The box set is series 1-3 of the show which first aired November 12 2009 and there are 22 episodes including specials and not a loser in the bunch.

He premise is kind of simple and a little similar to Heroes. A group of 5 young people are doing community service because they each goofed up and broke a law. Their first day out on the job there is a freak storm and they get hit with lightening. Shortly after each one starts to discover that they have developed powers. The powers seem to be in line with their personalities.

 Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon) is really quiet and shy and he can turn invisible, which he kind of is anyway.

Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha) can read people’s minds, and since she is very free about speaking hers this fits well.

Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) is a disgraced runner with the ability to move through time, and since he’s stopped running time seems to have stopped for him.





Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas) is a party girl and she receives the ability to make all men want her upon contact.

The last of our original band is Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan) who can’t seem to determine what his power is. We find out eventually, but I’ll let you discover it.

These characters are what make this show work. They evolve and you can’t help but liking them all. Nathan is an annoying guy, in real life I’d have to hit him , a lot. Watching him on the show is hysterical. No filter between brain and mouth with this guy. Simon is the silent strength and heart of the team. Kelly is a realist and keeps it all in perspective. Curtis is a guy who gets things done. Alisha is spoiled but learns to become a real person.

Throughout the show they discover other people with powers, often resulting in bad things happening. The nice thing is  that it isn’t like a villain of the week like on Smallville in the early years. Also it has the advantage over Heroes of not being to over ambitious. Heroes got way too bogged down in their own mythology, MisFits you can watch a random episode with a cursory understanding and enjoy.

The show is funny, full of action and just plain awesome. I hear talk of a season 4, which will be interesting with some of the cast changes that have happened. So far they’ve worked. Nathan was replaced in Series 3 with Shaun played by a very funny Craig Parkinson. I’ve also heard that Lauren Socha won’t be returning because she is actually going to jail

There is rumor of an American remake coming, in my  opinion don’t bother if you can’t have the cursing and nudity. British Tv made by Americans – Life On Mars ring any bells? Original was great, American version SUCKED.

You can get this set only from the UK for now, but it is on Hulu.