DVD Review: Mission Impossible Season 2

Paramount Home Entertainment

This review will self destruct in 15 seconds.
Season 2 of this wonderful show brings in Peter Graves to replace Steven Hill as the leasder of the impossible missions force. As much as I enjoyed Hill in the show Pete Graves is the face that most people associate with the series.
Returning are Barbara Bain, Martin Landau, Peter Lupus and Greg Morris.

Season two weighs in with 25 episodes at almost 21 hours. The writing is a bit tighter and the action seems a bit larger. While it may seem a bit dated this show really broke a lot of ground and set the stage for other shows to follow even years later. Shows like MI-5(Spooks), The Pretender, and many others really owe Mission Impossible. It’s tightly plotted with adventurous locations and tons of gadgets coupled with a great soundtrack. The big budget ( the largest in it’s time) shows with all the elaborate sets.

The really fun part is that so much of this is steeped in the cold war. This team doesn’t go after little fish and they seem to be saving the world every episode. I really enjoyed The Echo Of Yesterday and The Killing. This is a great way
to spend a few nights and is a welcome addition to any DVD collection.


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