DVD Review – Mission Impossible Season One

Mission Impossible Season 1

Originally aired in 1966-1967 these 28 first episodes are highly entertaining. I have a fondness for the series from watching the reruns as a kid ( I was only 3 years old when it first aired), and it was nice to see I still enjoyed it. Watching as an adult the experience is different though, and I was able to appreciate different aspects of the show. Martin Landau for instance really was a hell of an actor even back then. I can also understand why Barbara Bain was on the show, she has a sly way about her that is a pleasure to watch. Of course for my money the key to every caper working was always Greg Morris as the tech guy. He’s cool, and slick and the real heart of it.

I also love the theme song.

The first season was a bit different with Steven Hill playing the leader, to be replaced later by Peter Graves.
While you might not be able to tell by today’s television, Mission Impossible was the most expensive show being made at the time. Compared to other shows of that time it really shows, not only in the elaborate sets they used but the really great writing. Of course having the cold war to use as material was wonderful for the script writers. Capturing terrorists, freeing people imprisoned and getting the bad guys taken out is what they do, and they do it well. I thin a lot of today’s television owes all the people involved with Mission Impossible a dept of gratitude.

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