DVD Review MURPHY’S LAW Season 3

Acorn Media

James Nesbitt had asked the producers of the show Murphy’s Law if they could make it darker and grittier in season 3 for him, and they succeeded.
Nesbitt palys Tommy Murphy, an Irish cop working in London undercover. Through out the first two seasons he worked a number of cases. In Season 3 we have a one case running through the whole thing not unlike The Wire.

Murphy is going undercover to nail a bad dude with his fingers in a lot of things, but most of it shoots off of his drug trade. To get into the gang he fakes a hit on someone, though he really moves the victim into protective custody. As the episodes go on the case gets bigger and bigger, involving counterfeit money, drugs and other assorted crimes. The wrap up isn’t as neat and clean as the coppers would hope and Murphy has a bit more baggage to carry by the end of it all.

The character was created for Nesbitt by the wonderful author Colin Bateman, though I don’t believe Bateman is much involved any more. The writing is very solid and the characters are done well and feel as if they are really on the job, not like some shows.It’s top notch British Police drama and is every bit as good as Wire In The Blood and Rebus among others. I can’t wait for the last three seasons to come on on DVD.

You can get the disc here: Murphy’s Law: Series Three
Jon Jordan