DVD Review: MURPHY’S LAW – Series One

Acorn Media
Release date: October 6, 2009
MSRP: $49.99

James Nesbitt stars as Tommy Murphy, an undercover cop whose entire world is his work. After his wife and daughter were kidnapped, Murphy was given a choice: Set off a bomb in the local barracks or have his daughter killed. While he set out to deliver the bomb, he ultimately could not allow himself to be responsible for the death of hundreds of people.

Not only did the kidnappers follow through on their threat, but they forced his wife to watch. Because of this, Murphy puts everything he has into doing his job. His life has become his job.

Based on the Colin Bateman novel of the same name, Murphy’s Law is a pretty impressive series. This was my introduction to James Nesbitt, but he impressed the hell out of me. They do use some humor along with the drama, doing a good job of blending the two. It is my understanding that the series gets darker in the later seasons.

Season one certainly captured my attention. Anyone looking for a quality crime series should be pleased with Murphy’s Law.

Order the first series of MURPHY’S LAW.

Jeremy Lynch
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