DVD Review: MURPHY’S LAW Series two

Acorn Media
Release date: April 27th, 2010
MSRP: $39.99

James Nesbitt is back as Tommy Murphy, an undercover cop whose job is his life. While the character of Murphy is from the novels of Colin Bateman, these tales are created for television. Playing a character already established in novels can’t be easy, but Nesbitt seems to have really taken hold of Murphy and made it his own. He did a great job in series one, but seems more at ease here.

Series two first aired in the spring/summer of 2004 and contains six episodes. It is definitely darker (which I’m told becomes the norm in the later series) than the first, but there still some humor to be found. Over the course of series two, a regular is killed, Murphy poses as a priest, a homeless man, and a car thief and ends with Murphy coming into possession of the name of the man killed his daughter. As I said, a regular leaves, but Sarah Berger comes on board as DI Hilary Clark and does a nice job.

After just ten episodes from the first two series, MURPHY’S LAW has my undivided attention. A damn good show that has me already bugging Acorn for the next batch!

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