DVD Review: NASH BRIDGES: Season One

Paramount Home Video
Release date: October 14th, 2008
MSRP: $39.98

Stars: Don Johnson, Cheech Marin

Ok, so not everyone has been waiting for this show to come out on DVD, but I for one am thrilled. I love this show. Don Johnson is beyond a doubt the one the show is all about, and after his runaway success with Miami Vice he was looking for something new. I find his character of Nash Bridges to be upbeat and refreshing. He is more than just ass kicking cop, he’s a family man and a friend and he doesn’t take himself quite as serious.

Set in San Francisco the show takes full advantage of the city in almost every scene. Nash spends a fair amount of time driving around in a yellow Barracuda and so we see a lot of Frisco.

The first season they were a replacement so it is only 8 episodes. We also have a few things that would be changes later. Cheech Marin (Joe Dominguez) starts out as an ex-cop PI who works with Nash on occasion, he eventually rejoins the force to become Nash’s partner again.

Nash has an interesting family life as well. A teenage daughter from his first marriage, his second wife still wants him, his Father won’t stay in the nursing home and would rather stay with Nash. The family stuff blends well in the show and keeps it from being too hard boiled. The show ran for six seasons and by season two the show had really found it’s sea legs. When I was first married we would watch it with my in laws on Friday nights and it was something we loved doing together. Groaning at the bad puns and calling people Bubba right along with Nash.

It may not be as influential as some shows, but it sure is a damn fun show to watch.

I’m ready for the rest now please.

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Jon Jordan
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