DVD Review: NCIS LA The Second Season

CBS/Paramount Home Video
Release date: Aug 23, 2011
MSRP: $64.99

It took me a bit to warm up to this spin off of NCIS. I love the original show and I think its damn fine television. When I started
watching the west coast version it was kind of like getting a Big Mac when you were expecting a whopper, both fine burgers, just different.
Once I got past that first season, or first bite if you will, I’m enjoying the show for what it is.

This NCIS group is primarily an undercover squad, and so it’s a bit more about stings and setting up bad guys for a fall. I think sometimes they
play into the spycraft thing a bit too much, kind of assuming the audience needs to be told all the little tricks so we remember that they
are ass kicking undercover agents. I also am a little tired of magic computers that can find everything in seconds. But taking that in stride
the show is fun. The action scenes are well choreographed, and they do have a set of procedures in place that they follow. I am also enjoying
the back stories being dripped in a little at a time, it does a nice job of rolling a subplot through the show without being heavy handed. We
find out a bit more about our main characters and it is making me more invested as a viewer. The variety of the cases being worked keeps the
show fresh, and I like that it does tie itself to the regular NCIS with little snippets.

NCIS LosAngeles is a nice addition to the franchise. It adds to it without duplicating. A very enjoyable way to spend some time in front of
the TV.

Jon Jordan