DVD Review: Numb3rs – The third season.

Numb3rs is kind of like CSI only with math instead of forensics.

Season three is my favorite thus far for one simple reason: they have put more time in character development. It is not so heavy as to take away from the main stories of crime solving, but it is enough to make the characters more interesting and thus give the show something beyond the math angle. By the end of season three, virtually all of the characters have added depth and are thus that much more interesting.

Season three also sees some changes in the cast. Both Peter MacNichol (Dr. Larry Fleinhardt) and Dianne Farr (Special Agent Megan Reeves) left for part of the season. Larry is chosen for a trip on the space shuttle and Megan is assigned to a secret task force with department of Justice. Both return before the end of the season.

Dr. Mildred Finch (Kathy Najimy) also comes on board as the head of the CalSci Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy Division. Her arrival initially causes numerous headaches for both Charlie and Larry, but they come to terms with her presence and even are aided at times by her. Najimy is a real colorful person and her quirkiness makes Dr. Finch very engaging and entertaining. Sadly, she appears to have signed on for this season only.

Also added to the cast was agent Liz Warner. Warner was Don’ student at the Academy and the two become romantically involved after she joins his crew. The two have nice chemistry and work well together. It is worth noting that the show has done an excellent job with the romances. Charlie/Amita, Larry/Megan and Liz/Don are all very entertaining and have nice moments of sweetness without being irritating.

This season also has some excellent guest appearances. Several members of The Wire drop in including Wendell Pierce who is excellent as Don’s shrink. Lou Diamond Phillips reprises his role as Agent Edgerton in a few episodes and Joshua Malina (The West Wing, Big Men) plays a U.S. Attorney that appears through the season.

The strength of the stories varies, most are fairly good but there is an occasional one that feels like it made the cut so as to round out the season. They hit on a wide variety of subjects including toxic waste, steroids, terrorism and Mixed Martial Arts (Yeah!).

Yes, the math angle does get old at times, feeling a little stretched, but the characters growth more than makes up for it. Any fans of police shows will almost certain enjoy Numb3rs and this season is an excellent one.

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Jeremy Lynch
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