DVD Review: Perry Mason – the second season, volume 2.

I watched the first three episodes of the second half of the second season of Perry Mason before my DVD player ate all four discs in the set. The first three episodes were excellent–better than the Vol. 1 of the first season. In that season you could guess who did it by picking the character that was least likely to do it: for instance, a nice old grandfatherly gardener who says “Hi” to Perry in the first or second scene, and is not seen again until Perry turns to him in the final scene and says, “YOU did it!”. But this season keeps you guessing; well, the first three episodes do, at least.

I have watched the whole first disk. But how in the world did I do that?! When I say my DVD player ate the DVDs I mean it will not eject them. It says LOCKED. I can still play them; I just cannot get them back out. It is inconvenient. When I am done watching them I should be able to sell it on e-Bay as the Perry Mason DVD Player. Here’s how I will advertise it: “Get a Limited Edition Four Disc Second Set of the Second Season of Perry Mason in its own 5 disc DVD player! With bonus porn DVD “Samurai Sluts” in the 5th slot!” (Kidding! …Or am I?)

I would definitely tell you to pick up the Vol.2 of the second season of Perry Mason. It is a lot of fun to watch, for the ways that Perry proves his clients innocent–even when you see them commit the crime! The Caretaker’s Cat is an example. They show the caretaker start the fire right at the beginning. So you’re thinking “How’s Perry going to nail him!” But he doesn’t–he represents him!

I had only heard of Perry Mason as THE great lawyer TV show, and had not actually watched any until I did a review for the first season a while back; I don’t know if I would say THE lawyer TV show, but it is pretty damn good. Gotta go! Got to finish the season.

P.S. If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, do not watch ANY of the old Perry Mason TV Show. Everybody–I am not exaggerating–EVERYONE smoked.

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Randy Otteson

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