DVD Review: Prime Suspect: The Final Act

Acorn Media

The creators are declaring this to be the final Prime Suspect. The show set the bar fairly high with its previous seasons so I could not help but be concerned that it might go out on a whimper instead of a bang.

My fears were unfounded.

The Final Act delivers on a number of levels. The story crime itself is solid, though pretty standard fare, but the characters are outstanding. Every episode of PS has been as much about the struggles of DS Tennison (Helen Mirren) as it has been about the mystery. While past PS shows have focused on the challenges of being a on woman in a very sexist police force (and the toll her dedication, to her job, takes on her private life), this time around the issues are of a more personal nature.

Jane’s father is dying. While he has come to terms with his fate, she is not ready to accept it. While she struggles with this, Jane spends considerable time reflecting upon her relationship with her father.

But as dark as that is, it can’t hold a candle to a far bigger issue: Jane’s growing alcohol problem. It consumes her personal life and is clearly affecting her job performance.

While realism has always been a big part of PS, the show portrays her alcoholism in a way that will hit home to anyone that has ever had his or her lives touched by this brutal disease.

For extras, we are treated to a 45-minute documentary that looks at the entire series. It is a very nice piece that appears to be designed to give reflection on the characters and how they, and the show, have evolved over the years.

Overall, this is a tour de force that sends a show that is already thought of as one the best crime series on a very high note.

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