DVD Review: PROOF: Season one

Koch Vision

Release date: January 16, 2007
MSRP: $29.98
Two-disc set with Eight episodes

Stars: Finbar Lynch, Orla Brady, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Conor Mullen and Stuart Graham

This was a 8 episode crime drama made in Ireland starring Finbar Lynch as reporter Terry Corcoran. It is hard to pinpoint it because it covers things from political corruption to human trafficking. What it is easy to pinpoint is that it is terrific crime drama and it is fast paced and

Terry Corcoran is a reporter on the outs, a story he wrote was discredited because of files gone missing, and now on one trusts him and he is disgraced. This doesn’t keep him from working freelance though and he soon stumbles on a story while helping a woman search for her missing

Terry’s ex wife played by Orla Brady is a media liaison for the Guards and takes a job working for a candidate who is poised for a big win.

Terry’s life is in a disarray, his daughter barely knows him and his ex-wife doesn’t trust him at all. He spent too much time working and can’t seem to focus on anything else. While he does spend time with his sister and brother and law who are looking after their Father, it is
more out of obligation than actual understanding of how bad things with Dad are getting.

Terry’s search for a missing girl takes him on an interesting journey and one thing leads to another and before long he has a story that could blow the whole campaign sky high. But politicos have high placed friends and its all Terry can do to get anyone to listen. The ending to the eight episodes packs a real wallop and is not the cliché happy ending you see in the US.

This was a wonderful show as it moves on intricately spun webs and twists and turns and has real emotion behind it. The characters were believable and the fact that they are not well known stars here in the states made it even better.

I would recommend this highly for anyone who enjoys great crime drama.


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