DVD Review: Rebus set 2.

Acorn Media
This is the second set of Rebus with Ken Stott in the role, and the third overall. This set contains four stories, each based on a Rankin novel. The tales range from a campus-killing spree (A question of Blood) to a murderer whose identity lies hidden within the codes of a book (The Black Book).

The BBC has done a solid job of bringing the world of John Rebus to life. The characters have all of the edges and layers from the books, which allow the actors to make them more than simply part of the background. A very refreshing change from much of the police programs that litter the U.S. airwaves.

Edinburgh is looks just the way the books portray it. The cinematography does a nice job of capturing the gritty side, which adds to the stories. Rankin has always made the city an intrile part of his work.

While Stott is not exactly what I image Rebus to look like, he is closer than John Hannah was. He has more of the weariness and roughness than are so well known to Rankin fans. I don’t know than he completely won me over, but he does a good enough job for me to accept him in the role.

For extras, we get Rebus: Behind the Scenes, a 40some minute look at the creation and production of the series. A solid and interesting piece.

Overall, these will satisfy fans of both Rankin as well as those that are simply looking for entertaining crime dramas.