DVD Review: Rosemary & Thyme – Series Three

Rosemary & Thyme – Series Three

Acorn Media
Charming is not a word one usually associates with Murder Mysteries, at least I don’t…usually. But for Rosemary and Thyme starring Felicity Kendal (sigh) and Pam Ferris, it fits. In this age of Forensic Overkill these stories, third and evidently last in the series, are a breath of fresh air, sans fertilizer. Oh, people die (hence the name murder mystery) but we are NOT treated to a close up and personal view of anyones entrails. And for that sometimes you want to shout “praise be!” We are treated to views of flowers and plants, and while I don’t claim to be a big lover of either, it was…nice. In fact if I had to sum it all up, I would do it with; Nice. Not the murderers (boo, hiss) but pretty much everyone else.
For the most part they are pottering about the garden, someone else’s, they are some kind of garden doctors, and come across or are directed to a body. Open mouthed shock ensues, scene closes, and opens with them back pottering. Occasionally one will pop up her head and say something like; “You don’t suppose the murderer was a left handed Eskimo?” to which the other will reply, “I shouldn’t think so,” or “Yes, that explains the ice and whale blubber.
I’m poking fun, but these are fun. I enjoyed them and I think you will as well.
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Lee Crawford