DVD Review: SANCTUARY The Complete Fourth Season

Entertainment One
Release date: July 17th 2012

When I first started watching this show I fell in love with it, the characters are loads of fun and I love the way they intermingle the stories with history. Season four has turned out to be the last season as SyFy decided not to pick it up again.

This final outing is not quite as strong as the first two seasons were, and I think it’s because the show took on a bigger scope and had an ongoing story rather than individual stories. Season Three ended with a flood of abnormal flooding the planet when the middle earth was destroyed, and most of this season is dealing with that. There is also a under lying story which puts the Sanctuary at odds with the government and it seemed a little obvious and overdone. There was some really fun stuff with Helen going back in time and we get to see the characters in their prime and see a bit of back story filled in. It was also a perfect excuse for a Victorian setting which was wonderfully done. I think that
the surprise for me this season was how much I really enjoyed Tesla, he was his wonderfully weaseling self and yet heroic as well. I also got a real kick out of an episode in which Tesla and Helen are in a virtual reality within the Sanctuary computer.

If you are a fan of the show this last season will have some fun moments for you, though by the end you can kind of understand why the show was not picked up for more. The overall writing just didn’t have the strength it had in the first two seasons. I will say the final scene for me was very nicely done even if it is a little too much of a “feel good” moment.