DVD Review: SAVING GRACE: season one

FOX Home Entertainment
Release Date: July 15th, 2008.
MRSP: $49.98
Four-disc set with 13 episodes

Stars: Holly Hunter, Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Gregory Cruz, Laura San Giacomo,

In my lifetime, there have been a fair number of television shows with a religious theme (Highway to Heaven, Touched by an Angel, Seventh Heaven). Each of these shows seemed to be aimed at the middle-American, church-going family. After the Sunday evening family meal, everyone gathers around the television to watch a wholesome show full of goodness.

Saving Grace ain’t that show. Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) is a chain-smoking, hard drinking, foul-mouthed, sexed up Oklahoma City police officer. She would likely cause the cast of Touched by an Angel to weep and give up.

One night, a very drunk Grace hits a man. After praying for assistance, she is visited by an angel named Earl (Leon Rippy). At first, she does not believe he is an angel (Perhaps because he looks like he just came from a Lynyrd Skynyrd reunion concert), but he ultimately convinced her of his divine nature.

Earl has been assigned to help to guide Grace, and this is no easy task since she often ignores him.

Religious shows are not my cup of tea, but Saving Grace shattered any preconceived notions I might have had about it. It is not a Christian show, but rather a crime show with a spiritual theme to it.

Holly Hunter is an excellent actress and here she does an amazing job. Grace does not easily fall into any one category or stereotype. She is a very flawed character that struggles to be a better person, despite those flaws.

I am sure that there are many of you that have passed by Saving Grace because of its religious nature, but you should give it a chance. I think there the smart writing and complex characters will draw you in and make you a believer…in the series.

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Jeremy Lynch
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