DVD Review: Streets of San Francisco – Season one, vol. 1

Streets of San Francisco

Paramount Home Entertainment.

I have very fond memories of this show. As a kid I remember my mother watching all sorts of crime and mystery television, Mannix, The Rookies, Barnaby Jones, Canon and many More. One of my favorites was always Streets of San Francisco. Of course I also have fond memories of the Batman TV show with Adam West, and now it just makes me laugh out loud it’s so campy and silly.

Well, for my money Streets holds up. I think the biggest reason is the fact that it stars Oscar winner Karl Malden and future Oscar winner Michael Douglas. I don’t thin I appreciated how good of an actor Malden is before, but after watching the first volume of Streets I won’t be able to forget. He’s perfect as the veteran cop. And seeing Michael Douglas in the beginning of his career is wonderful. I keep seeing glimpses of what will come down the line for him. And as good as both actors are, watching them together is magic.

The stories are solid and well written, they feel like real police stories taking place. I also think they couldn’t have picked a better city for the series. San Francisco is seen here in all it’s glory and they also show it’s seamier side
as well. There is a reason it gets top billing in the title.

This is something I’ve wanted on DVD for a while and it’s nice to finally get it. It’s even nicer to know that I enjoy it more now than I did then. This set also includes a publicity interview done right before the series aired that is quite fun. This is a must own as far as I’m concerned.

Jon Jordan