DVD Review: The Aura

The Aura
IFC Films

The Aura, written and directed by Fabian Bielinsky is a crime film which makes obvious Bielinsky’s love for noir and caper films.

Esteban Espinosa played by Ricardo Darin is a rather strange man. A taxidermist with a habit of being precise and careful he also suffer epilepsy. During the calm before these fits he sees that he could commit a perfect crime. An opportunity to prove he can do it presents itself, however the reality of the act is much different than the visualization of it.

Ricardo Darin is wonderful in this role and it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. Bielinsky also nailed it with a tight plot and superb story. While a terrific crime movie, it’s also an interesting look at a man finding out who he really is. In this genre it’s hard to be refreshing and new, but The Aura does it. I really enjoyed this film

The movie is in Spanish with subtitles. Extra features include a making of featurette and a musical montage.

Jon Jordan

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