DVD Review: The Fugitive Season one, volume one.

Paramount Home Entertainment

Originally airing in Sept of 1963 I obviously didn’t see this show when it premiered. It is one of the most memorable shows ever broadcast and TV Guide rated it in it’s top 40 of all time. Volume 1 from Season one weighs in at 760 minutes and is unforgettable television.

Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) has been accused of killing his wife. On the way to prison and Death Row the train crashes and he escapes putting him on the run for his life and the real killer. And unlike OJ Simpson, we know Dr. Kimble didn’t do it. And when Kimble sets out to find the killer we know he’s not just going golfing. Kimble is convinced a one armed man seen leaving the murder site is the one responsible and he is obsessed with finding him and clearing himself. At the same time Lt Philip Gerard (Barry Morse) is obsessed with capturing Kimble.

While on the run from town to town we see Kimble get involved with other people’s lives, some times positively sometimes not. So while each episode is its own little story, they all have the constant subplot of Kimble clearing his name.

Black and white with a very noir feel this is great viewing and is a lot of fun to watch. There are also plenty of guest stars some easier to recognize than others. A youngish Brian Keith is here looking not to different than his appearance as Mike Hammer from the 50’s television pilot, and a young Bill Mumy also pops up in this first set. Great TV and a wonderful addition to any DVD collection.
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