DVD Review: The Glades Season 3

Twentieth Century Fox
June 4th 2013

The Glades is one of those TV crime dramas that is right in the middle of the road, not too soft, not too hard. I guess what this means is it’s safe for the whole family.

In it’s third season we have firmly established characters. Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth is charming and fits the role of a quirky detective well. He has great timing with costar Carlos Gomez who plays the ME Carlos Sanchez and their scenes together seem like a well rehearsed comedy sketch, in a good way.
glades02Coming into season 3 we’ve seen Jim and love interest Callie (played by Keile Sanchez) go through a lot of ups and downs. This season she’s looking for work and ends up moving to Atlanta to finish school and become a doctor so we now have the long distance romance thing going on.
Which is perfect timing to introduce Jennifer Starke who is sent to look into how Jim does his job. She looks great and they play around with the whole flirting thing and to the writers credit they keep the characters in character and no one does anything you wouldn’t think they would do.
I had a lot of fun with an episode that involved a dead rich UFO nut and also they had a great food truck episode.

You are not going to walk away from this wondering about society and what’s wrong with it, nor are you going to think you are now a legal expert. You will however most likely find this entertaining. Watching a well made crime show set in Florida is a nice way to spend a couple winter nights.