DVD Review: The Last Detective set 4

Acorn Media

2 DVDS with 5 episodes( Approx. 342 min.)
SRP: $39.99

Stars: Peter Davison, Sean Hughes, Emma Amos,

While Peter Davison has had a long storied career (All Creatures Great and Small, At Home with the Braithwaites) I will always think of him as the Fifth Doctor on BBC’s epic Sci-fi series Dr. Who.
Mr. Davison returns for a fourth season as Detective Constable Davies. Davis has the ironic nickname of Dangerous (He is anything but) Davies. Davies is a mild-mannered police officer. Neither tough nor brilliant, he is an empathic fellow that simply tries to do his best to bring justice for the victims.

Davies always gets the miserable cases that others don’t want. And more often than not, he does a good job with them. This seems to annoy his superiors and fellow officers all the more.

In this season, Davies has just gotten back together with his wife. Unfortunately for her, with him comes Mod, a slacker that helped Davies out when he separated with her. Mod is crashing with them and, despite Davies’ best efforts, seems inclined not to leave.

The Last Detective walks a fine line. Davies is a sad character that we are supposed to have sympathy for, but he needs to be strong enough for us to take him seriously and see him as being pathetic. They do a good job of not crossing that line.

For extras, there is an interview with Peter Davison. He talks about the series and his thoughts on the character and the stories. Solid bit.

This was my introduction to The Last Detective. While my own tastes run a little harder than this, I found it pleasant enough. Anyone that is a fan of cozies or British mysteries will almost certainly find this series worthwhile.

Jeremy Lynch
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