DVD Review: THE MENTALIST The Complete Fifth Season

Warner Home Entertainment
Release date: Sept 17th, 2013

5 Seasons into this show and I think it’s safe to say that this is not Masterpiece Theater. There is not a lot going on here to challenge the viewer. And I have to say Robin Tunney needs to stop making the sad/confused faces. That’s not really doing much but make me have trouble believing she is a high ranking investigator with an exclusive unit.

Don’t get me wrong, the show is entertaining and I find Simon Baker very watchable and charming. The ongoing hunt for Red John while a bit old is parsed out nicely and they still manage to make it work. I do believe they will need to resolve it soon though because I think you can only use that as a plot device so many ways. In this season I guessed collaboration with a number of characters, in part because I knew they wouldn’t use an actor of that caliber for something that wasn’t a major part of an episode. We did make some headway with the investigation and even had a flashback episode when we got to see Janes join the Major Case unit. I also like the focus of Janes being on Lorelei while he tried to use her to track Red John.

The episode Red and Itchy was a favorite because it shows that Janes has grown to like the people he works with and enjoys solving crimes, both these things should make a transition to a show without Red John to chase easier.

It breaks down pretty easy actually, if you enjoy the show up to now, season five will entertain you and your enjoyment will grow. It builds the mythology of the characters and moves the show forward. If you watched a few episodes but it wasn’t for you, season 5 probably won’t change that for you.

Me? I’ll keep watching.