DVD Review: The Practice Volume one.

Fox Home Entertainment

Prior to watching this, The Practice was, to me, the answer of a trivia question: From the ashes of what show did Boston Legal come from?

This collection makes up the first two seasons of The Practice. Don’t get too excited, we are only talking about thirteen episodes.

The practice is about Bobby Donnelly (Dylan McDermott) a criminal defense lawyer whose morals are, at the start of the show, a tad…elastic. His office is struggling simply to pay the lease. But all of that changes when he wins a major murder case, at which time there is a veritable smorgasboard of killers and drug dealers vying for the services of Bobby and his merry band of lawyers.

As business increases, Bobby struggles to follow his moral compass while still making the office as successful as possible.

The show is a tad even in these early episodes, but still fairly entertaining.

Without a doubt, the highpoints of this set are special appearances of John Larroquette and Ed Asner. Asner plays a judge (a role he returns to a few times over the course of the show’s run) and John plays…well, you can see for yourself. I will say that Larroquette returns to play this character a total of six times over the years, picking up an Emmy in 1998 for the character.

Also worth mentioning is Linda Hunt. Linda has a recurring guest role as a judge. Her scenes with Bobby are excellent, they have good chemistry. Her character plays a part in Bobby developing a moral compass.

As I said, the set is worth buying simply for John Laraquette’s episode, but the others will certainly provide some bang for your buck.
Jeremy Lynch
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