DVD Review: The Streets of San Francisco – season 1, volume 2

Paramount Home Entertainment

Let me start by saying I don’t understand why they split this into two sets, maybe it has to do with keeping costs down.

What ever the case, they came out pretty close together so it wasn’t like I had to wait for the rest of season 1 for very long.

I do love this show. This part of season one has an episode which has stuck with me since I first saw it back in ’73 at ten years of age. An old man living in a big house is accused of killing a child. The house is piled high with newspapers and other things which are collected daily by the senior citizen. Upon rewatching this episode for the first time in 34 years something became clear to me about why this show works. The characters are very human. Mike Stone played by Karl Malden is tough as nails as the veteran detective. But when the need arises he can also be caring and even nurturing. I also love seeing Micahel Douglas acting with Malden. The characters compliment each other almost as well as the actors do.

The other thing that really makes this show stand out is the use of the city. Real shots on real streets.

This show holds up really well and I would recommend this to any one who loves a good cop show.

Jon Jordan
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