DVD Review: The Unit season 2.

Fox Home Entertainment

The Unit season one introduced us to an elite group of fighting men and the women they love. We see both sides of serving your country in a group that is top secret. Season two is much of the same, and for my money that’s a good thing. Executive producers David Mamet and Shawn Ryan based this series on a book about the real Delta Force, and as such it’s full of action.

The missions are always different and always interesting, from an evac during a hurricane to undercover work and stopping arms dealers the Unit handles all sorts of threats to our country. On the flip side we see the wives dealing with being out of the loop on the exact nature of the work and dealing with things on the home front. It apparent that these men don’t get rich and an ongoing theme is how to make ends meet. Molly, Jonas’ wife once again is in need of money and takes a job recruiting men to join a private world security force. You know at some point it’s going to go wrong for someone and she’ll feel bad. I have no sympathy for this character who keeps making dumb mistakes, but the rest of the crew is great. They are loyal to each other and their mission. It’s called a military drama and that’s an apt description. It’s also hard to stop watching. Put me in the line with the die hard fans.
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