DVD Review: The Untouchables-Season 1, volume 2


The Untouchables was one of the very first producing jobs Quinn Martin held. He would later go on to produce many other television shows such as Street of San Francisco (also reviewed here).
This is the second part of the first season, later season went on to write totally fictional episodes, however the first season drew from the book Ness by the same name. Episode by episode it is fun to watch, however if you know the real history of it watching in order could give you a headache as it’s shown out of the real sequence.

There are some interesting episodes in here and it’s interesting to see television form this time period wondering how they would have done it today.

Ness is played by Robert Stack, deadpanned and deliberate. For the role he’s playing it works.
If you are a fan of crime television today this may be too slow for you, however it is enjoyable if you are interested in Capone or Ness.

The only extra feature is an episode of the Lucy Show featuring Stack as Ness.

Jon Jordan
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