DVD Review: Third Watch: Season one

Over the years, we have seen plenty of police and medical dramas, but Third Watch gives them a slight twist: It combines them.

Third Watch tells the stories of the men and women firefighters, paramedics and cops of Camelot. Camelot is an area where the streets of King and Arthur cross. On these corners are the 55th precinct police station and Fire Station 55.

By using paramedics, firemen and police, Third Watch has a much wider variety of situations to draw from and, as a result of this, gives us one of the more compelling network shows of the last decade.

Producers John Wells (ER, later seasons of The West Wing) and Edward Allen Bernardo have put together a fairly strong cast of characters. Some likeable, some not so much so. Most of the casting seems to work, as I had no trouble believing the actors in their roles. Many shows have one or two cast members that simply don’t feel right, that was not the case here.

We are treated to one featurette: The Nights of Camelot, a 16 minute look at the show. Featuring comments from Wells and the cast, it offers up some interesting tidbits about casting and how some characters changed from concept to casting.

Also added is a gag reel. I have never been a fan of gag reels and this one does little to change my view.

While never a big hit, Third Watch developed a pretty devoted following and it is not hard to see why. The show regularly delivers engrossing stories with interesting characters.

Fans of intelligent dramas should give Third Watch a chance.

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Jeremy Lynch

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