DVD Review: TINY TOON ADVENTURES Season one, Volume two

Warner Home Video
Release date: $44.98
MSRP: April 21st, 2009

Time now to return to the wonder land of Warner animation. Tiny Toons was the flagship of the Warner animation n revival of the early 90s. They were followed by Pinky and the Brain, the Anamaciacs, Freakazoids and a number of superhero series. It aired in the afternoon and was an excellent distraction while I was in college.

As I mentioned in my review for volume one, the bar was set high indeed. At a time when traditional animation was falling by the wayside. Warner put together a stellar crew and delivered a high quality product that is a worthy successor to the Looney Tunes.

The TTs are set in Acme Acres, the home of Acme Looniversity, where most of the crew go to school. The faculty is made up of our fav Looney Tunes characters ( Bugs, Daffy and co). Under this expect tutelage, Buster, Babs and the rest all learn the fine art of being a top notch cartoon character. This is a nice set-up that, while focusing on the new crew, allows us to bask in the magic of the old gang.

Being the first series for the new animation brand, there are some noticiable variances in not just quality, but in the look itself. It is my understanding that different annimation houses were used, so that would explain it. But despite this, the vast majority of the episodes are quite enjoyable. I can’t really single out any one ep as being weak. Some are so-so, but all at watchable.

Adults as well as children can bask in the warm glow of Tiny Toon adventures. The smart, sharp stories are zany and full of life, with lush orchestral background music and voices that totally fit each and every character.

Order volume 2 of season one of Tiny Toon Adventures.

Jeremy Lynch
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