DVD Review: UFC presents The Best of World Extreme Cagefighting.

Image Entertainment/Anchor Bay
Release date: Sept 7th, 2010
MSRP: DVD: $14.98, Blu-ray : $19.98

If you have ever seen the UFC and had even a general interest, this DVD is a must own. WEC is the sister company of the UFC and features the 135, 145 and 155 pound weight classes. These smaller fighters tend to be faster and have cardio for days.

MMA is not, as some think, no-holds barred fighting. There are dozens of rules and these athletes are among the most disciplined in the world. They train five-six days a week and must embrace numerous skill sets. 90+% of the fights end with the two participants embracing and congratulating each other.

The Best of WEC contains bouts mainly from 2009 and 2010. Featherweight superstar and the face of WEC Uriah Faber is featured in two bouts here, as he first defends his title against MMA icon Jens Pulver. While the outcome is never really in doubt, Jens displayed incredible heart and caught Faber more than once. Faber also takes on Mike Brown in an attempt to recapture the belt. The bout is a close, five round war that saw Uriah break both hands and still come close to beating Mike.

Other fights include Miquel Torres defending his Bantamweight (135 pound limit) title against Takanori Mizugaki, Razor Rob McCullough squaring off against Dennis Cerrone, Torres vs. Maeda as well as Cerrone vs. Benson Henderson for the interim Lightweight (155) title.

Fans of MMA will love this collection. WEC rarely puts on a bad show and this collection features some of the best fights, of any organization, of the last year or so. You will see that MMA is a sport of dedication, respect and amazing action.

Jeremy Lynch