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DVD Review: VEGA$ Season Three, Volume 2

Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date: Aug 14, 2012

Vega$ was one of my shows back when I was in high school. Once a week I would hang out with Dan Tanna as he did his part to help out people in Las Vegas, all the while living it cool. And he was cool, great car, great pad to live in and he hung out with cool people.

This DVD set is the last of the VEGA$ releases and they went out with a bang. The first episode on the set is great ad Tanna is hired to test a security system in a casino only to have one of the people helping him actually pull a heist. It was also cool to see James McArthur from Hawaii Five-O on the episode. Seek and Destroy was also loads of fun as a Russian fighter pilot wants to defect and lands a fighter jet in Vegas bringing KGB on his tail to destroy the plane before the US can look at it.

What makes this show work and still worth watching is the same as most classic shows that are still viewed, the cast rocks and work well together, and while it is obvious that Robert Urich is the star he shares the spotlight with a lot of great folks. It is a bit telling that this was the show Michael Mann did (Writing episodes) before Miami Vice because it almost seems like some of the things he tried here he would use again later in other shows including Vice and Crime Story. It is also interesting that Dan Tanna is loosely based on real life PI Eddie La Rue.

Is this television that changed the way we watch TV or had a long lasting impact on the industry? Not really. Is it still fun to watch? Hell yes it is, in no small part due to how wonderfully charming Robert Urich is.

This set is just the episodes, unless of course you count Episodic promos as an extra feature, I don’t.