Warlords – DVD Review


Acorn Media

Warlords takes a look at the mind games played between the four main figures of World War 2: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler.

After over 50 years of being analyzed it is tough to come up with new information and video of WWII. But Simon Berthon does a good job. He focuses on the mind games each of the leaders used on one another. How Hitler manipulated Stalin. How Churchill manipulated Stalin. How Stalin manipulated Churchill and Hitler, and how Roosevelt manipulated them all (Except Hitler). Berthon uses diary excerpts from people that were there to lend accuracy, and he makes excellent use of the images (film footage and pictures) that are available.

I was disappointed there were no “extras.” I was hoping for some outtakes, you know, like during one of Hitler’s impassioned (manic) speeches, his toupee falls off or his false teeth fly out and Hitler starts laughing and everyone around him busts out laughing. ….Um….nevermind.

If you are a history geek, like me, you’ll love this documentary. If you are an average Joe Video, I would say definitely watch this. If I can paraphrase something that someone once said: if we don’t watch DVDs of “history, we are doomed to repeat it.”

Warlords is a comprised of 4 segments about 50 minutes long each, on two disks. So they are presented in just a little over bite sized chunks. It was written, produced and directed by Simon Berthon and narrated by David Morrissey.

Randy Otteson
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