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DVD Review: WHITE COLLAR Season Two

Fox Home Entertainment
Release date: June 7, 2011
MSRP: $48.98

For those that are not familiar with the series, White Collar is about Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a brilliant thief and con man. Neal is out of prison under an agreement that has him working with the man that finally caught him: FBI special agent Peter Burke (Tim Dekay). Together, they solve crimes and establish a bit of an uneasy friendship.

When we last saw Neal, he had just witnessed the death of the love of his life when a plane exploded just prior to taking off. Neal was supposed to be on the plane as well, but had delayed getting on the plane when Burke confronted him.

The season-long story arc of WC revolves around Neal trying to figure out who killed Kate as well as trying to uncover the secret behind a mysterious music box. That box likely played a role in Kate’s demise. While these plotlines carry through the entire season, each episode has it’s own little tale.

The strength of the show is the charisma of Dekay and Bomer. The two work well together and are given fun, breezy scripts. The writers do an excellent job keeping each episode a tale in it”t own right, while still moving the larger story-arc forward.

Yes, one still has to suspend one’s disbelief (and sometimes, that gets damn hard) and not think too much, but the chemistry of the cast and the slickness of the scripts make that fairly easy. While Collar is well worth the price of the set and will provide hours of entertainment.