Acorn Media
Release Date: June 21, 2011
MSRP:  $29.99

Wired is a thriler that mixes high finance with the technology that it has embraced. Louise Evans (Jodi Whittaker) is a single mother with money problems. One day, her luck turns when she is given a promotion at the bank she works at. The new position will have her looking after many high profile (I.E. wealthy) clients.

But she soon finds that the job comes at a price: She is expected to work with an organized crime family that has it’s fingers in the bank and, because of something in her past, they have her under their thumb. She has a potential savior in Undercover cop Crawford Hill (Toby Stephens), but is unsure if she can trust him, he seems as interested in her bedroom as he does righting wrongs.

I know little of high finance (my own accounts scarcely qualify as finance at all), so I can’t really say whether or not WIRED is a realist portrayal of the world of money, but if it isn’t, it does a fine job faking it.

Fans of thrillers will almost certainly have fun with WIRED. The characters have just enough depth to be believeable and the pacing is tight and smart.

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Jeremy Lynch