DVD Review: $

Sony Home Entertainment
Release Date: September 23rd, 2008
MSRP: $19.94

Starring: Goldie Hawn, Warren Beatty

In $, contrary to what the DVD box says, Warren Beatty plays a bank security expert who decides to use his knowledge to steal money from 3 sets of criminals, each of whom have safety deposit boxes in the bank that he is currently working for. He decided if you steal from criminals, they can’t call the police. I predicted the flaw in his plan, as soon as he said that part. The plan he uses to get the money out is very clever. But the police are the least of his worries after they get the money. The DVD box says a con-man and a hooker team up to pull the heist of a lifetime! While Ms. Hawn DOES indeed play a hooker, Warren Beatty does not play a con-man.

Goldie Hawn is the best part about this movie. She is sexy and extremely funny as the hooker Warren Beatty uses to set up the heist. 1971? What was Kurt Russell doing in 1971? Oh, yeah…Disney movies! I have nothing against older women dating younger men. Actually I encourage it! Besides Goldie Hawn is STILL hot today. So, YEEAAH Kurt!

Anyway. If you like slow, dark, somewhat confusing at times movies with bare boobs all over the place (except Goldie’s, Damn It.), then I suggest running out and buying this movie right away! Speaking of bare boobs and the seventies, have you noticed that women’s boobs from the 50, 60, and 70s were a different shape than they are today? They were more pointed, than round. I think it has to do with the bras they used to wear back then. They were hard and pointed. Today boobs are round. Round like God (and plastic surgeons) designed them!

So there you have it. My opinion on $ and boobs.


I M Randy
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