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DVD – Warriors, SIN CITY

As You may have picked up from other posts in this blog and from our magazine, I love watching movies. I especially like watching them on DVD because the extra features are something I really enjoy. I love the interviews and behind the scenes stuff.

Extra features, when done right really add to a DVD. Two very good examples are: THE WARRIORS, ULTIMATE DIRECTORS CUT and SIN CITY, RECUT, EXTENDED, UNRATED. Note the extra words with the titles. Usually a good indicator of some good stuff added to the disc.

THE WARRIORS has 4 different featurettes which include production background, interviews and footage from filming. It’s all well done and interesting. It was so cool to see where the bottle clinking scene came from and why other things were done the way they were.

I also really enjoyed watching the remastered film. It’s clean and crisp and looks and sounds great.

SIN CITY. I love Robert Rodriguez’s work. I think he love what he does and it shows. I also think this explains why his deluxe sets are so well done. Loads of features including a cooking class, Film school, tons of interviews and behind the scenes footage. Watching his special features is interesting for fans and instructive for wanna be film makers.The SIN CITY set in particular is great because the inclusion of Tarintino and Frank Miller.

Also included in this set is a graphic novel by Frank Miller , footage of Bruce Willis on stage singing in Austin, and three different ways to watch the movie. Well worth every penny in my book.

DVDs enhance the viewing for any movie lover. It’s more than just a better quality cut of the film and enhanced sound. Extra features can really make a package better. Even the $5.50 copy of LOGAN’S RUN i bought had a great featurette filmed at the time the movie was made.

In the near future we plan to run at least one post a week from our Entertainment Editor Jeremy Lynch with DVD news. Saying that Jeremy likes films is like saying that the pope prays a bit.