Early March – comics stack reviews

Here’s my take on some stuff I read from the last two weeks. The reviews are rather short and to the point, but I enjoyed them all excpet one and would recommend each of these titles (excpet the one).

All Star Batman and Robin #9
DC Comics

This is like an extreme sports version of the dark knight and I am really enjoying it. Great artwork by Jim Lee with Frank Miller’s no holds barred writing is a great combination. This issue sees Batman and Robin knocking the hell out of Green Lantern, and doing it very calmly I might add. However at the end of the issue batman realizes maybe something is missing from Robin’s training…

Cable #1
Marvel Comics

Crime writer extraordinaire Duane Swierczynski with his first ongoing title at Marvel. Cable has the mutant baby that could save mutant kind and he’s jumped into the time stream. Here he’s landed in a weird disaster stricken New Jersey and is just trying to figure out where and when he is. Wonderful fight scenes and some interesting parenting tips. And a nice cliff hanger ending.

Captain America #35

The new Captian is starting to think like Captian America and he seems to have the action down too. Loads of intrigue and skullduggery here thanks to the able writing of Ed Brubaker. I was worried when Steve Rogers was killed, now I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Countdown #8
DC Comics

Things are really speeding up and all the threads are coming together. I’ve been enjoying this a great deal and I think the pacing worked well for the story being told. But that pacing has just been up to the max as things are coming to a head. Darkseid is really on top of his game and things seem to be hitting the fan for everyone else even as the threads are all coming together.

Criminal #1
Icon Comics

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are back with another volume of this great comic. Crime stories told in a true noir style and this issue, Second Chance in Hell, gives us the scoop on Jake Brown, the bartender at our favorite dive.
Great intro for new readers.

Green Lantern #28
DC Comics

A wrap up to the introduction to the Alpha Lanterns and a new direction for Laira. This is hardly a closing, but rather an opening for the next part of what is shaping up to be one of the biggest Green Lantern story in year. New Oan law #two revealed and another color ring! Geoff Johns is rocking the house.

Hawaiian Dick: Screaming Black Thunder #3

The third installment in B Clay Moore and Scott Chandler’s wonderful Tiki noir PI series hits the spot like a tropical drink on a hot day. Something strange is happening when a flying team is on the islands and it looks like a Japanese Zero is causing trouble. Byrd is on the case, but something really funny is going on. Parallel to this someone is moving in to take over the mob activities and Kalama is trying to figure out who.
I love this book!

Invincible Presents Atom Eve #2 (of 2)

The conclusion to the origin of one of the major players in the Invincible comics Atom Eve finishes up with the discovery of her real parents and some new limits to her powers. Nicely time story and gives some great background. The extra features are also really nice.

JLA Classified #53
DC Comics

A fun tale continues with a classic Justice League line up against a seemingly unbeatable foe. Some alternate views of our heroes in a weird dreamlike sequence and some nice tactical moves adding to a great fight. Roger Stern is writing some really fun stuff here and I have to say that I am enjoying John Byrne’s artwork. Can’t wait for the next issue.

JSA Presents #35
DC Comics

Jason Aaron writing Wildcat. Seems like a perfect fit, and you know what? It is. Ted grant is wondering about his place in the world and goes on a bit of a walkabout. Fighting and Catwoman! Plus his classic motorcycle is back, at least for a while…

Justice League – The New Frontier Special
DC Comics

This is really I nice addition to the original series and actually a nice touch with the wonderful DVD release. Darwyn Cooke obviously love the silver age and his rendition is wonderful. The art is perfect and I really enjoyed this. It’s comics like this that keep me spending my money on comics. Batman confronting Superman, with Wonder Woman talking sense, Robin and Kid Flash meet JFK, and Wonder Woman and Black Canary hit the Playboy club!

Justice Society of America #13
DC Comics

This revamp of the JSA has taken on a large feel. Story elements from Kingdom Come are changing the landscape a little and I like the whole idea of the JSA training the legacy heroes. This issue has two Supermen together trying to unravel the Gog – Magog situation. Great team book and with such a large cast I’m impressed with the way Johns manages to make all the characters feel important.

Legion Of Superheroes #39
DC Comics

Legion legend Jim Shooter is already dropping my favorite future team into a mess of intrigue and deception. Projectra is dealing with the loss of her world and her status as royalty, the teams out on assignment are all finishing up and someone who shouldn’t be in the headquarters is getting a close up angle on their spying. Shooter rocks and I’m loving his run on the Legion.

The New Dynamix #1

Another title that looks like it is going to deconstruct the superhero mythology. However this also looks like it could be a lot of fun. Great art and the story has me wanting to read more.
A bunch of heroes have gone in to semi retirement and a few of the ones still out there are kind of jerks. A major badass has had enough and is coming back. It looks like there is a lot more than meets the eye going on here.

Proof #4 and 5

This is a fun title, kind of a cop series only these officers are looking for Cryptozoological strangeness. While similar to some of my favorite titles it really is unique. The character Proof is actually a bigfoot working with another agent tracking down strange things. These two issue wrap up the opening of the series and starts to set the stage. New character introduced and we get to see The Lodge, the place where our heroes work and where they let the strange creatures they find live. This is a really cool title and I would suggest buying it now. Each issue also has some really fun extras in it.

Teen Titans #56
DC Comics

Well we have a new title coming soon which looks like it will have the originals back in action. That may be just as well. I’m enjoying this run ok, but the magic just isn’t there for me. Too much Kid Devil who I don’t really care about and the whole Wendy/Marvin thing is silly. It just feels like this title has lost it’s way.
Not giving up just yet, but not holding my breath

Teen Titan Year One #3
DC Comics

I will admit the art put me off a bit. Aqualad is just plain creepy looking. However it’s growing on me. The story has been fun from the go. Our young heroes are teaming up to try to find out what is making their mentors act crazy and totally out of character. They solve this first mystery, but we’re only half way through this mini series. A pretty damn fine look at teenage heroes.

Streets of Glory #4

Garth Ennis in the old west. Gun fights, crazy Indians and rich land barons. Red Crow has attacked the posse on his trail and it doesn’t look to good for the white man. Dunn comes up with a plan, but even winning can feel bitter. Great writing and nice art. Check this out.

Twelve #3 (of 12)

J. Michael Straczynski has been going old school in this wonderful tale of forgotten heroes of WWII woken up today. Nice characterization and compelling story telling. Plus Chris Weston does some really nice art here reminiscent of older comics. I’m really enjoying this.

Uncle Sam and the freedom Fighters #6 (of 8)
DC Comics

This is a title you need to keep up with, lots of action and lots to keep track of. The new Red Bee seems to have gun full goose bozo crazy and there is a lot of fighting going on. The Ray’s dad has undergone a bit of a change and has dropped in to kick some ass. This is a story I’ll be rereading a few times as it gets better and better.