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Ed Gorman passes

Late last night Ruth told me that Ed Gorman had passed away.  It first made me sad as Ed was such a great guy but I then realized that I was lucky to have known him and that makes it a bit easier.

Ed was known as an author and he wrote some great books. If you haven’t read any you should fix this. For me however Ed was like the Godfather of the mystery community. He was a fan and he was generous with his time. He was involved with the genesis of Mystery Scene Magazine and he has played a large role  for many people as an editor of anthologies or just by giving advice and encouragement to people just when they needed it. He certainly was there for us early on at Crimespree and we’re the better for it.

Over the years I met Ed just once in person but we corresponded via email and he always made me smile. Looking at social media today most of what I’m seeing is people talking about how he impacted their lives by just being a nice guy.
Not a bad legacy to leave behind.
Thank You Ed, we’ll miss you.