EENY MEENY by MJ Arlidge Reviewed


Two people. One gun. A message that says they are trapped until one of them is dead. They always say they’ll stick together. But that’s before two weeks of starvation and thirst set in. Suddenly the clock starts ticking and only one person will leave alive.

Detective Inspector Helen Grace can hardly believe what she’s told when the first survivor turns up. It is the most twisted thing she’s ever heard, and she’s not new to the crime beat. She lives in the darkness of the human soul everyday to catch those who would do evil. But more and more people get taken into this evil dance and it seems there’s no end in sight. As the bodies pile up, and the perpetrator begins to take shape, it may be that the answer is more evil than the crimes themselves.

ArlidgeThis book is a new arrival to the United States, but has been published in several other countries previously to wide acclaim. It is well justified praise. With the pacing of Lee Child and the psychological prowess of Val McDermid, Arlidge crafts a perfect thriller in EENY MEENY. Dark, broken heroes. Twisted, sick villians. It is a brilliant combination that makes for a brilliant read that is impossible to let go of until the final page. If you start this book without having enough time to finish it in one go, be prepared to make your own desperate choice, either call in to work or chew your own arm off to get free from Arlidge’s literary trap.-Bryan VanMeter