Elementary_S2ELEMENTARY The Second Season
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When this show first aired I was reluctant to watch, I’m generally not a fan of Lucy Liu and the changes they were making seemed arbitrary. After viewing season 1 I revised my opinion and am a fan of the show.


Season 2 was stronger in part I believe because the characters are developing more of a relationship. I really enjoyed the episodes with Mycroft Holmes and hope he will continue to be CBS_ELEMENTARY1a recurring character. Johnny Lee Miller also seemed even better than in the first season. I love the recovery angle they have working and having him become a sponsor for another addict really works. Watching Miller as Holmes is a pure joy as he is twitchy and introverted and odd just like you would expect for someone thinking on such a different level. I also like Watson being treat like a partner more than a sidekick. Watson traditionally is our window into what is going on with Holmes, and they way they do that here works well. I am also a big fan of Aiden Quinn so having him as Captain Gregson really makes me happy. They did some nice character development with him this year as well.

The writing has also held up, sometime on shows like this, especially in the US they seem to dumb down and that is not the case here. If you pay close attention you can work out the puzzle with Sherlock and I think that is important for this kind of show.
We have a re-appearance of Moriarty, they travel to London and we meet Lestrade. Both make for very fun episodes.
I’m hooked on this show and love having the DVD as it is something I will be re-watching.
Jon Jordan