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Emmys do something right

I did not watch the Emmys, I had no patience for them after Dexter and The Wire got shafted in the nominations.

But my heart warmed quite a bit when I looked at the list of winners.

Prime Suspect: the Final Act picked up three Emmys.

Oh hell yeah.

Oscar Winner Helen Mirren picked up an Emmy for Lead actress in a miniseries of movie.

Also winning was Phillip Martin (for Directing) and Frank Deasy (for writing).

As nice as this is, it should not come as a sursprise. The show has won Emmys three other years and the Emmys have a history of going back to shows again and again. It was this practice that likely contributed to the hosing of Dexter and The Wire.

Still I shall not complain, as The Final Act was fantastic and certainly deserved its statues.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the amazing show. I want to thank them for many great stories and hope that maybe; just maybe, they choose to revisit the series somewhere down the line.