ENDGAME- Batman and Joker Reviewed

batmanendgame1THE JOKER: ENDGAME
DC Comics

Batman Vol 7 Endgame collects
Batman 35-40
The Joker Endgame collects
Batman 35-40, Arkham Manor Endgame 1, Batgirl;Endgame 1, Batman Annual 3, Detective Comics; Endgame 1 and Gotham Academy Endgame 1


Going back to the very beginning The Joker has always been the baddest of the bad guys that have gone up against Batman. Over the years we’ve seen variations from a silly clown and demented comedian to a hardcore serial killer. The Endgame story line brings it to an end. I say “an end” not “the end” because you know, this is comics and no one goes away forever.
Scott Snyder has been kicking some as on Batman and while I’ve always been a fan Snyder has really been doing a great job of making me excited for every issue. Greg Capullo on art has done a great job of showing Gotham as an older city with heart and character and yet doesn’t make overly dark so it feels like there is no hope. The emotion of the characters comes through on every panel and it almost doesn’t need words. But of course with the added wonderfulness of the words from Scott Snyder it is a perfect package.

From Batman 3#6, page 18

From Batman 3#6, page 18

The Joker wants to once and for all eliminate Gotham City and Batman. He’s more demented than he’s been in years. The entire Batman family is in on the Endgame and no one is safe. The escalation from page to page is like a perfect action film that keep the adrenaline pumping faster and harder with each no revelation. For me part of the fun was maybe something I read into it, but it’s the idea that not unlike Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT, The Joker is immortal and has always been a malignant tumor in Gotham. Playing the long game and setting various things in place. As the city falls apart and the heroes do what they can Batman ultimately needs to face off with the Joker and end this madness. The final battle is epic and the aftermath will leave more than a few scars. I really don’t want to give anything away because the joy of reading this and watching it unfold is epic. It’s changing the direction of Batman for the foreseeable future and I can’t wait to see what Snyder does next.

I’ve been reading Batman for a long time and I have a lot of favorite stories , this one is in my top 5 along with Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns and No Man’s Land. A classic story that will be talked about for years.